Enabling the client to serve society seamlessly and efficiently

Procyon helped us to migrate from an old CA tool to ServiceNow ITAM with automated discovery of infrastructure and software. The new solution reduced the resources required to maintain CMDB by 80% and phased out the old tool swiftly. The implementation of event management, alerting mechanisms, minimized false alerts largely and helped identify actual issues/alerts 50% faster.

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The federal government agency faced a daunting challenge – a stale, outdated CMDB tool that was non-scalable and required manual maintenance. But with the help of ServiceNow ITAM and CMDB solutions, the agency achieved remarkable results. With an 80% reduction in resources needed to maintain and update CMDB, and a 2X faster phase-out of the old tool, the agency’s IT team can now focus on delivering critical services to citizens more efficiently. Plus, with 3X fewer false alerts and a 50% faster identification of actual issues, the agency’s IT infrastructure is more reliable and stable than ever before.

Enabling the client to serve society seamlessly and efficiently

Client Domain: Federal

The Client

Our client is a federal government agency responsible for providing critical services to citizens. The agency’s IT infrastructure had been growing steadily over the years, and the existing configuration management database (CMDB) tool was not able to keep up with the expansion. The tool was outdated, manually maintained, and lacked scalability, which resulted in significant operational challenges.

The Problem

The agency’s IT team needed a new tool that could support the ever-expanding infrastructure stack while automating the onboarding and maintenance processes. Furthermore, the new tool had to provide the capability to manually populate data from non-discoverable sources. The old CMDB tool was no longer meeting the agency’s requirements, and a new solution was necessary.

The Solution

After thorough analysis, our team recommended the implementation of ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM) and CMDB solutions. The ServiceNow platform offered a modern, scalable, and automated solution that met the agency's needs. The implementation included automated discovery of infrastructure and software in the agency's data center, data migration from the old tool, and automation of non-discoverable Configuration Items (CIs).

In addition to the ITAM and CMDB solutions, we also implemented event monitoring, escalation, alerts, and auto-healing features. These new functionalities helped to minimize downtime, enhance IT service delivery, and improve the overall performance of the IT infrastructure.

The Impact

The implementation of the new ServiceNow ITAM and CMDB solutions led to significant improvements in the agency’s IT operations. The new tools provided an automated and scalable solution that improved the speed and accuracy of IT asset management processes. The automated discovery feature enabled the IT team to capture accurate and comprehensive data about the infrastructure and software assets.
Furthermore, the implementation of event monitoring, escalation, alerts, and auto-healing features helped to minimize downtime and improve IT service delivery. The team could now proactively identify and resolve potential issues before they could impact the agency’s critical services.

The Impact

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