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Exploratory Data Analysis

Explanatory data analysis is where the researcher takes a bird’s eye view of the data and tries and tries to understand it. It’s often the initial phase of data analysis, executed before any formal factual procedures are harnessed. In this training module, we will cover in detail the intrigues systems in R as well as some of the essential standards of building data graphics. We will likewise cover a portion of the normal multivariate factual strategies used to picture high-dimensional data.

Predictive Analytics (R/Python)
R and Python are the two most popular programming languages used by data analysts and data scientists. Practically, when it comes to Predictive Analytics both languages have pretty good packages written. Want to be an expert in it, then join the league!
Advanced Analytics (R/Python)
Advanced Analytics is typically beyond those of traditional business intelligence (BI), to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations. If you want help drive changes and improvements in business practices, this is a must coveted course of the hour!
BigData Analytics Using Python
Python has gathered a lot of interest of late as a choice of language for data analysis. Learn Python with the help of our proficient faculty; get certified to perform the full life-cycle of any data science project.
SalesForce Admin
Taking a good Look at the Salesforce Admin role specifically, experts are not just spearheading fruitful professions as Admins, they are rethinking being an administrator! Candidates ought to have a wide knowledge of Salesforce applications. We have trained professionals and facilitated fortune 500 companies.
SalesForce Developer
Salesforce-certified developers can use an effective blend of automatic and explanatory abilities to broaden and tailor applications. Procyon has been providing individual & corporate clients around the world, with an unrivaled learning experience.
Aptus Training
Procyon Technostructure offers strategic Aptus training channel for the certification skills and aptitudes required to brace with the current technologies while offering a broad curriculum of application-focused courses for clients looking to employ new or advanced business applications.
Business Intelligence
The main idea of Business Intelligence in a business is to help corporate officials, business directors and other operational workforce build finer and well-versed business decisions. Procyon specialists minister the key patterns determining technology to craft content that assist technology experts to comprehend current trends so they can stay ahead

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