Empowering client to offer effortless customer experience

We are incredibly impressed with the results we have achieved since implementing the customized incident management module. The process has become so smooth and effortless, with incidents resolved faster than ever before. The addition of over 1.4K articles to our Knowledge Base has also been a game-changer, providing solutions to most problems and saving us so much time.

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This IT industry case study showcases the successful implementation of a customized incident management module, resulting in impressive quantified results. With faster incident resolution times, an 82% first resolution rate, and a 2.4x faster request fulfillment rate than the industry average, the client has significantly improved their incident management process. Additionally, the addition of over 1.4K articles to their Knowledge Base has provided solutions to most problems, while a 50% faster average MTTR has further increased efficiency and productivity.

Empowering client to offer effortless customer experience

Client Domain: IT industry

The Client Requirement:

A client in the IT industry sought a solution to track the status of incidents until service is restored and the issue is resolved. The client had several Configuration Items (CI) mapped to their Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and used an Orchestration process to track and resolve issues. Any user can raise an incident management request which is then assigned to the support team and resolved within Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics.

The Problem

The client needed an efficient way to manage incidents that would allow for quick response times and issue resolution, while also leveraging their existing CMDB to track CI status. The previous process was manual, which made it difficult to prioritize and track incidents in a timely manner.

The Solution

We implemented a customized incident management module with several fields, including an integration with Active Directory to retrieve and add users to the user table. The CMDB was leveraged to store Configuration Items and populate Asset Management, allowing for the creation of relationships between CI's. Hardware assets were mapped to the user's record for better tracking. When issues occurred with attached CI's, incidents could be created directly and promoted to major incident management depending on severity and impact. These incidents were then assigned to L1/L2 or L3 support groups for fast response and resolution.

The Impact

The implementation of the incident management module and integration with CMDB resulted in significant improvements for the client. The new process allowed for faster response times and issue resolution, resulting in improved SLA metrics. The customized fields and integration with Active Directory streamlined the process, making it easier to track and prioritize incidents. The creation of relationships between CI’s and hardware assets improved tracking and allowed for more efficient issue resolution. Overall, the client was satisfied with the results of the solution, as it provided a more effective and streamlined incident management process.

Quantified Results

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